Bradley County battles 'reckless behavior'

CLEVELAND, Tenn. -- An email sent to Rep. Kevin Brooks, R-Cleveland, has escalated a conversation about civility among Bradley County commissioners.

In a recent meeting, Commissioner Mark Hall accused Commissioner Dan Rawls, founder of the Tea Party of Southeast Tennessee, of sending an intimidating email "with threats and accusations" to Brooks.

"I take issue with this reckless behavior. His attempts to intimidate [are] out of control and these shady tactics will be challenged whenever they arise," Hall said. "Bad company corrupts good character."

Rawls questioned Brooks' integrity and does not even live in the representative's district, Hall said. Brooks did not ask him to speak on the matter, he added.

Hall also requested that the meeting minutes reflect that "Dan Rawls has met his match."

Although not specifically mentioned during the meeting, Rawls later confirmed that the email was sent in regard to Brooks' position on Insure Tennessee, Gov.