Long-delayed Chattanooga History Center seeking loan to finance final stage, open doors (interactive)

Daryl Black leads a tour of the new Chattanooga History Center on Jan. 15, 2015. Black, the museum director, said no opening date has been set. The museum needs another $3.2 million to open its doors.

There is no Plan B for what to do if the money doesn't come this year."

The Chattanooga History Center was touted as revolutionary. Not your grandfather's museum. No glass cases with dusty artifacts. Instead, it would be a colorful, airy museum alive with stories from the past.

The original opening date was slated for mid-2012. Then it was early 2013. Then it was 2014.

Now, Museum Director Daryl Black refuses to even estimate when it might open. But he's still adamant it will open.

For months the museum has said it's only a few hundred thousand shy of its $10.5 million capital campaign goal, which would allow Black to open the doors and let the public view his cutting-edge exhibits.

But last week, Black and museum board members told the Times Free Press they still need more than $3 million: $1.86