Nondiscrimination ordinance opens rift between two of Chattanooga's top Democrats

Staff photo by Tim Barber Marcus Ellsworth, left, and Charlie Wysong wait their turn on July 1 to speak their opinions to the Chattanooga City Council concerning the upcoming nondiscrimination ordinance.

Vote forecast

Not all Chattanooga City Council members will say how they will vote on the nondiscrimination ordinance. However a 2013 vote on the previous same-sex benefits and nondiscrimination ordinance could be a guide. Chris Anderson - wrote both ordinances, supports both ordinances. Carol Berz - approved 2013 ordinance, but declined to comment on her vote before the legislation was finalized. Moses Freeman - approved 2013 ordinance, co-sponsored and supports current bill. Russell Gilbert - voted against 2013 ordinance, did not return phone calls Wednesday on new vote. Larry Grohn - voted down 2013 ordinance and supported its repeal, is against new ordinance. Yusuf Hakeem - supported same-sex benefits ordinance, did not return a phone call Wednesday. Chip Henderson - opposed 2013 ordinance, is against current ordinance as written.