Wiedmer: Former Red Bank student's acts leave ex-wrestling teammates in shock

Multiple people who said they went to Red Bank High School with Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez sent the Times Free Press photos of what appears to be his senior picture and senior quote in the school's yearbook. "My name causes national security alerts," the quote reads. "What does yours do?"

Raise your hand if you've ever played a team sport. Now raise your hand if one of your teammates woke up one morning years later, drove to two separate military service centers in your community and sprayed both sites with enough bullets to kill four Marines and injure three other people.

Can you possibly imagine how that might feel?

"My jaw dropped," said Ryan Smith, who wrestled with 24-year-old Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez when they were both students at Red Bank High School. "When you're on a wrestling team, you're family - a really close family. We stayed in hotel rooms together. We puked in the same trash can together to make weight. He was a good friend. I didn't want to believe this could be true."