Muslim blogger quoted by gunman in yearbook speaks out

Multiple people who said they went to Red Bank High School with Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez sent the Times Free Press photos of what appears to be his senior picture and senior quote in the school's yearbook. "My name causes national security alerts," the quote reads. "What does yours do?"

An American Muslim blogger who calls himself HijabMan says he condemns the shooting rampage in Tennessee.

The gunman used a quote from the blogger in his high school yearbook, saying: "My name causes national security alerts. What does yours do?"

The blogger, Javed "HijabMan" Memon, wrote in a statement on his website that he wishes the gunman hadn't quoted him "just as I'm sure Ford wishes OJ (Simpson) hadn't driven a Bronco and Kraft wishes Jim Jones hadn't poisoned the Kool Aid. Obviously, none of these products made them do it or endorsed their actions, just as I do not endorse this heinous act."

Memon said he tries to combat Islamophobia, promote tolerance and use humor to defuse tensions.

"This man's actions, and his use of my material, go against everything I am trying to accomplish," he said.