Falling oil prices could drop gas prices below $2 a gallon in Chattanooga

Gasoline prices in Chattanooga are expected to dip below $2 a gallon again this fall after the busy summertime travel season ends and refiners switch back to less expensive versions of gasoline for the winter.

"Particularly in Tennessee and areas of the Southeast with lower gasoline taxes, we're likely to see a number of gas stations with prices at $2 a gallon or less by this fall," Gregg Laskoski, the Southeast analyst for the online fuel price service GasBuddy.com, said Monday. "We expect you'll see nominal decreases in prices through the remainder of the summer and an even bigger drop in prices once the busy travel season ends by the Labor Day weekend and refiners can switch to the cheaper winter blend of gas."

By the numbers

* $2.36: Average price of a gallon of gas in Chattanooga, down 14.6