City Beat: I'm thankful cops sometimes go against human nature

Notes, trinkets and flags line the parking lot where a memorial has been set up for last week's Chattanooga shooting victims.

"It's against human nature to run toward gunfire."

This past weekend was spent in Louisville, Ky., at the Forecastle Festival, and it was one of the more surreal three days I've experienced.

It was filled with great music and a succession of happy coincidences, lucky timing, chance meetings and good fortune. It seemed like we found either a great parking space or seats right up front everywhere we went, and constantly bumped into people we knew.

It was also a weekend filled with a heavy sense of sadness brought on by what was happening back home in Chattanooga.

Normally at an event such as Forecastle, I would take lots of pictures, write lots of social-media posts with tons of updates about what was happening onstage.