Tennessee ramps up handgun permitting for Guard, but can they bring firearms to work?

Nathan Bell, Sen. Mike Bell, R-Riceville, and Gary Church, from left, stand Thursday outside the Armed Forces Career Center in Cleveland.

NASHVILLE -- While the state's handgun-carry permitting process is being accelerated for Tennessee National Guard members following last week's slaying of five U.S. servicemen, Gov. Bill Haslam's office acknowledges the directive does not yet address whether Guard personnel can bring their firearms to work.

"It's an issue still being worked on at this point," Haslam spokeswoman Laura Herzog said Thursday in an email.

Haslam on Wednesday announced he had moved the state's seven storefront recruiting centers to more secure facilities in National Guard armories.

But because at least some are co-located with federal military installations or on federally owned property, there are legal issues involved. The U.S. military does not allow firearms except for designated personnel, administration officials have previously said.