Cook: Float like a butterfly, play like a kid

photo David Cook

Over the years as a player, coach and athletic director, Sam Parfitt's seen it all.

Once, a mother from the losing team dumped Powerade all over the first-place trophies. Then the police came.

There was that tennis player who lost and slammed his racket around like a lumberjack.

Another time, this one coach ... well, I'll let Parfitt tell you.

"He mooned his players," Parfitt said.

Dads who stare daggers at kids when they mess up. Coaches who holler like drill sergeants. Kids who stop playing at age 10 because of the thousand little sadnesses that steal the joy from sports.

Thankfully, Parfitt's also seen other things.

The chest-swelling happiness and beat-the-band smile that comes from playing sports just to play them.