Community profile: Scenic Signal Mountain, Tennessee

Signal Mountain resident Ann Farmer runs along North Palisades Drive overlooking the Tennessee Valley.

Location: The town rests at the southern end of the Cumberland Plateau on Walden's Ridge and is surrounded by natural beauty and views of the Tennessee River Gorge.

Geographic area: 7.6 square miles

Population: 7,554

Date founded: April 4, 1919

History: The town is named after a promontory of land called Signal Point, which was used by Native Americans to signal important messages. The point was also used by Union troops during the Civil War as a point of observation. Signal Mountain became a place of escape for families living in the Tennessee Valley during the cholera and yellow fever epidemics of the late 19th century. By 1925, 200 homes were built on the mountain, and the town was transitioning from a seasonal retreat to the home of full-time residents.

Government: Council-manager form of government: Mayor Dick Gee, Vice Mayor Bill Wallace, council members Bill Lusk, Chris Howley and Robert Spalding.