Boxed puppies left for dead outside Goodwill now happy, healthy

McKamey hosts an "Out Of The Box" Party for three puppies known as the Goodwill Box Puppies that were found 16 days ago by a citizen who noticed a box left in a parking of a Goodwill store.

How to adopt

The McKamey Animal Center is located at 4500 N. Access Road, Chattanooga, TN. For more information, call 423-305-6500.

Get involved

If you have information in the case of Marilyn, Greta and Bette, or any other cases of animal cruelty, leave a message on the McKamey Animal Center's tip line at 423-305-6508, or call 423-305-6500 to speak to a dispatcher.

photo The box that puppies were put in and left at the Goodwill is seen in this contributed photo.

photo Puppies that were left in a box and left at a are seen in this photo.

The puppies -- two tan and one brownish-red -- flopped and chewed on each other inside their pen as normal puppies do.