$80,000 worth of meth seized, 4 arrested

Drugs seized in DeKalb County
photo Felicia Diane Martinez, LC Waller, John Kelcey Whisenant, and Serena Maria Laundis

photo Drugs seized in DeKalb County

A year-long drug investigation has resulted in the seizure of nearly $80,000 worth of methamphetamine and the arrest of four people, the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office reported Wednesday.

Sheriff Jimmy Harris said a search of a residence on County Road 51 in the Frog Pond mobile home park Tuesday yielded two pounds of the drug, with a street value of $77,760, and $2,265 in cash. Serena Maria Laundis, 26; LC Waller, 31; Felicia Diane Martinez, 29; and John Kelcey Whisenant, 24, all of Collinsville, were arrested and charged with trafficking illegal drugs.