School official admits there's a problem after bullying blamed for 2nd student suicide

Copper Basin High School

Jazmine Kellie Harris, a 13-year-old student at Copper Basin High School in Polk County, Tenn., took her own life on Friday and family friends are pointing to bullying as the cause.

It's the second student suicide at the school this year and the second time tragedy comes amid allegations of bullying.

Jazmine's best friend, 14-year-old Kaylah Redden, says the teen was being bullied daily, physically and emotionally, and she and her mother, Pam Duvall, say that the bullying had been going on "for months."

Kaylah and Jazmine, both eighth-graders, went to the principal's office about it but "the school didn't do anything about the bullying," Duvall said.

"My daughter, almost every day, came home to me complaining that they still haven't done anything about her best friend being bullied.