Flamboyantly psychedelic: Self-taught artist combines colors, words and symbols

Nathan McKenney's recent work splashes symbols that would be at home in Day of the Dead celebrations and New Orleans voodoo ceremonies.

Here's how eye-catching Nathan McKenney's paintings are.

A Times Free Press photo taken in the home of a local artist and music impresario happened to have one of McKenney's paintings visible on a nearby wall. Readers emailed and phoned the paper, pleading to know about the artist who created the cool painting which said "RIP Lou Reed" and "Candy Says," an homage to the late Velvet Underground rocker who died in 2013.

"My Lou Reed was a completely different painting at the time," McKenney says. When he heard the music legend had died, he simply painted over whatever he had on the canvas while listening to Reed's "Candy Says" and "Coney Island Baby" for two days.

photo "Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board" borrows its title from a popular preteen party game that involves "magic".