Greeson: Bike lane delay a breath of fresh air in city leadership

Bike lane tile

Earlier this week, Blythe Bailey, the city's transportation director, met with the public at the North Chattanooga Summit.

First, you know North Chatt has truly arrived when it has its own summit. Who needs the G8 when the North Chattanooga Summit is in session, right?

Seriously, there were some interesting items from the summit Tuesday night, especially for those of us who are piqued by our city's attraction to bicycle lanes.

Bailey discussed delays of the plan to put protected bicycle lanes on Frazier Avenue, the main artery for the North Chattanooga business district.

Bailey said planners are "taking a deep" breath - a phrase he said Wednesday was designed to make sure the public feels like it is part of the process - before the city addresses the next phase in a bicycle-lane program that may be way bigger in scope than many people appreciate.