Chief introduces new Cleveland police captains, master patrol officers

During the Cleveland City Council meeting Monday, Cleveland Police Chief Mark Gibson introduced his new command staff: Capt. Stacy Smith, captain of operations, left, and Capt. Robert Harbison, captain of professional standards.

CLEVELAND, Tenn. - The Cleveland Police Department has a new command staff and has expanded the number of its master patrol officers.

In a recent meeting, Chief Mark Gibson introduced Capts. Stacy Smith and Robert Harbison and a number of newly appointed master patrol officers - patrol officers with advanced skills - to the Cleveland City Council.

"I think they've had a great career with the police department, and they've always stood up and done what I needed them to do, what I asked them to do," said Gibson of the two captains, whose promotions were announced Oct. 16. "I really expect a lot out of them."

photo Cleveland Police Chief Mark Gibson, left, introduces master patrol officers Antony Cochran, Jody Musselwhite, Brandy Brown, Travis Graig and Kody Fox during the Nov.