Turn for the worse: W Road tie-ups increasing headaches for motorists

Vehicles travel through a hairpin turn on the W Road on Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2015, near Walden, Tenn.

For generations, the turns at the top of Signal Mountain's W Road have been the bane of local residents as unsuspecting truckers realize too late that a tractor-trailer can't possibly manage the three sharp switchbacks that give the road its name.

Now technology is adding to their woes.

Local officials say too many truckers are relying on GPS systems for directions, and the find-the-shortest-route software often steers them straight up the mountain - and into trouble.

"Truckers punch in their destination, and when it tells them that the fastest route is up the W Road, they don't think anything of it," said Walden Mayor William Trohanis, whose town lies at the top of the W.

photo Vehicles travel on the W Road on Tuesday, Nov.