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Chattanooga's EPB was one of the top distributors for the Tennessee Valley Authority in its support and participation in TVA's energy efficiency and demand response programs last year.

EPB received special recognition for helping TVA exceed its goals for its Energy Right Solutions program for the eighth consecutive year in 2015.

In its year-end report, the federal utility said its energy audits, renewable power purchases and efficiency programs combined to reduce TVA's power load by 412 gigawatthours. TVA estimates that helped the utility avoid having to build $798 million of capital projects needed to generate another 1,140 megawatts of power that would have otherwise been required without the savings and efficiency programs.

"Our energy efficiency performance helps to keep rates low, which translates into lower bills, which ultimately leads to cost savings for end-customers, while at the same time helping TVA avoid the cost of building additional generation assets," Cindy Herron, vice president of EnergyRight Solutions at TVA, said in a new report on the 2015 results.

Among the 155 municipalities and power cooperatives that distribute TVA-generated power in the Tennessee Valley, EPB ranked second in participation in TVA's eScore program - behind only Nashville Electric Service - placed third in the share of Green Power Providers generating renewable power - behind only Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corp., and Volunteer Energy Cooperative - and ranked fourth for the number of EnergyRight Solutions for Industry program - behind only Knoxville Utilities Board, Nashville Electric Service and Memphis Light, Gas & Water Division.

Collectively, EPB's overall energy efficiency impact totaled 11.7 million kilowatthours of savings in 2015.

In Chattanooga, 41,158 blocks of green power were sold last year to consumers willing to pay a premium to encourage more renewable power generation by TVA. EPB had 18 participants in the EnergyRight Solutions for Industry, which helps major power users cut their electricity usage. The eScore program that began in December 2014 attracted 16,077 participants in the EPB service territory, helping to save an estimated 1.1 million kilowatthours of electricity through energy audit advice and assistance.

"We strive every day to help our customers realize the most value possible from their electric power," EPB president David Wade said in a statement. "When we work together toward common goals through EnergyRight Solutions, we help businesses grow and enhance our overall community's quality of life."

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How to participate

To find out more about eScore energy audits, green power purchases or generation, and industry energy savings programs, TVA's EnergyRight Solutions programs are outlined at energyright.com