Cooper: School board votes to march in place

Dr. Kirk Kelly was voted by the Hamilton County Board of Education to be the district's interim superintendent Thursday.

Hamilton County school board members decided Thursday that, in spite of what you may have heard or believed, things are just fine, thank you.

As such, they elected as interim superintendent the man most thoroughly tied to the current system of the three candidates under consideration, a man who seemed the least prepared of the three they interviewed for about 30 minutes apiece, and a man whose answers to their questions were earnest but vague.

Dr. Kirk Kelly, who has spent more than 15 years in the Hamilton County Schools central office and had been one of two acting co-superintendents, now will serve until a search for a permanent superintendent is completed.

But who's to say the same five board members - three retired teachers and the panel's two black members - won't propose their new interim superintendent, who also is black, have the "interim" removed from his name at an upcoming meeting?

After all, that's what the board did in 2012 when it elected the recently retired Rick Smith as superintendent.