Fate of four bills rests in Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam's hands

Tennessee Gov. Bill Haslam

Veto override requirements

Tennessee’s requirements for overriding a gubernatorial veto are fairly easy on paper. It takes a majority, the same number of votes to override as it does to pass a bill. That works out to 50 of the 99 House members and 17 of the 33 senators. Forty-four other states make it tougher.Here’s the breakdown**:› Majority (50 percent plus 1): Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Indiana, Kentucky and West Virginia› 3/5: Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Rhode Island› 2/3: Thirty state including Georgia**Some states have different standards on line-item vetoes on budgetsSource: National Conference of State Legislatures

Recent Tennessee vetoes and overrides

Gov. Bill Haslam last week became the first governor since Don Sundquist back in 1998 to survive a veto override effort in the General Assembly.