Rhea County High School sprinter recalls her family's tornado nightmare

Hannah Matthew weathered 'a night none of us will ever forget'

Helpers look for items to recover among the debris of the modular home of the Matthew family on Dayton Mountain from a spree of tornadoes that hit a 16-state area April 27, 2011. The family rebuilt their home and moved in about a year later.

It's still hard to believe that it happened to us, but when you look at what all happened for us to survive, we lost pretty much everything we owned by an act of God, but it was also an act of God that we're all still here together, and that's really all that matters.

A month from now Hannah Matthew will join the rest of this year's Rhea County High School graduating class as they close one chapter of their life and begin preparing for the future. In the meantime there are still a few memories to be made, and for Hannah those will come on the track, where she anchors every sprint relay and also competes in the 400-meter dash, hoping to return to the state championship meet.