Marion County board approves airport land purchase, budget schedule

The Marion County Courthouse is located in Jasper, Tenn.
photo David Jackson

JASPER, Tenn. - Hangar space to store aircraft at the Marion County Airport is sparse.

That could change soon after the Marion County Commission agreed to buy two large tracts of land on both sides of the airport entrance off Hancock Road for $100,000.

County Mayor David Jackson said Marion has been awarded a grant totaling about $130,000 to purchase the property.

"The property was appraised for $87,500," he said. "They [the grant fund] will pay the appraised value plus 10 percent over that."

The grant will cover $96,250 of the cost.

The county had to pay 5 percent in matching funds to get the grant.

"We've already paid our share of the payment to the state, so we'll be cutting [the property owner] a check for $100,000, and the state will reimburse us for the 95 percent," Jackson said.