City Beat: New radio show will spotlight local musicians

Bryan Stone with StoneOnAir pitches his company at the Will This Float? event held at the Revelry Room on Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015, in Chattanooga.

While a couple of people have mentioned doing a multimedia showcase of local artists, Bryan Stone is actually going to do it.

He pitched the idea during The Company Lab's Will This Float? competition last month. The annual event lets entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to a panel of judges who award prizes to the winners.

photo Barry Courter

Stone didn't win any top prizes, which included free legal and accounting startup services, but he's putting a plan together anyway.

Stone also pitched the idea to his bosses at WGOW-FM 102.3, where he is an on-air personality and producer, and they signed off on the idea.

Stone is finalizing details on a new show that will air Sundays from 5 to 6 p.m. on FM 102.3. The live show, to be called "StoneOnAir," will debut Jan. 17.

Stone is working with Nathan Gayle, who will videotape each show to put them on YouTube, SoundCloud "and anywhere that you can store music for free."

The plan is to ultimately build an app and have a dedicated Web page.

Stone says he has an idea of what the show will entail, but he plans to spend the next two or three months fine-tuning everything. The main focus will be on music, but he isn't limiting it to just that.

"We are testing the market a little bit here," he says. "I have a lot of ideas, but mostly it will be a local music show, but much more deliberate and fast-paced with multiple guests each week."

Stone says while he will likely bring in guests who have an upcoming event to promote, he hopes the show is more about showcasing the artist than the event.

"It will mostly be music, but I'm hoping the more I get out there and discover other things and people to talk about, we'll get into those. It will definitely be Chattanooga and entertainment centric, and it will be fun."


Brewer Broadcasting has stopped playing country, and then Christmas, music on WPLZ-FM 106.9 and has switched it from Cat Country to Big Easy 106.9 playing oldies. The station started playing holiday music in early November.

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