Tennessee lawmakers gearing up for broadband battle

Expanding municipal telecom to underserved areas brings power struggle to Legislature

Staff file photo / Service technicians Stacy Mann, left, and Nathen Lloyd step out of an EPB trailer with a newly installed fiber optics cable during an installation at CityGreen Apartments in Chattanooga's North Shore area in 2016.

We don't need to be in any rush to make a judgment.

Municipal broadband in Tennessee

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A solution for some, but not a solution for all, is not the way we want to go.

Dr. Terry Forshee lives only a few miles from America's fastest broadband service.

But when the Cleveland, Tenn., pharmacist needs a reliable Internet connection, he has to leave his south Bradley County home and drive to his pharmacy store in Cleveland.

"I've been waiting for 27 years for Charter Spectrum, AT&T or somebody to come to me," said Forshee, who said the lack of residential broadband service is hurting his effort to build a national obesity education business.