[Listen] Program helps Chattanooga's veterans and families of July 16 victims turn traumatic memories into music

Bob Regan, a Grammy- and Dove Award-nominated songwriter and past president of the Nashville Songwriters Association International, created Operation Song in 2012.

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To find out more about Operation Song, to hear the music created by its participants or to support its programming via a donation, visit www.operationsong.org or www.Facebook.com/operationsongchatt.

Some stories are easier to tell than others.

Some - the especially painful ones - never slither into the light of day at all, but skulk along as unspoken traumas that harry the mind and weary the soul.

In the field, a soldier carries heavy loads on all sorts of terrain, but the greatest burdens are the tar-black memories that cling to them in secrecy long after they've taken off their uniforms.

Helping veterans coax out and face down these terrible tales and, in the process, transform them into music, is what Nashville composer Don Goodman is trying to do.