Walden officially turns over McCoy property operations to board

The McCoy property is under a new lease agreement between the town of Walden and the McCoy Board. The lease gives nearly autonomous control of the property to the McCoy Board.

It has been in the works for months, but Walden's Board of Mayor and Aldermen unanimously signed a lease agreement between the town and the McCoy Board at the recent town hall meeting. The agreement will give the McCoy Board significantly more autonomy in decision making when it comes to the property.

"Self-sufficiency was definitely the goal," Vice Mayor Thom Peterson said in a followup interview. "Once the nonprofit is established, the lease will enable more robust fundraising ventures and the streamlining of repair processes."

Prior to the lease signing, if an appliance or pipe broke in the house that sits on the McCoy property, for example, the McCoy Board had to go through the town for a bidding process to find the most fiscally responsible contractor for the repairs, a process that Peterson said can take up to eight weeks.