Democratic voter voices from Washington, Alaska and Hawaii

Hillary Clinton volunteers Amy Paxson, far right, and Charles Tice work the crown for their candidate at the Democratic party caucus in Anchorage, Alaska Saturday, March 26, 2016. Alaska Democrats planned to meet to pick their candidate for president, with caucus sites set up around the state. (AP Photo/Michael Dinneen)

Democrats in Washington state and Alaska made their choice for the party's candidate for president Saturday. Hawaii Democrats started their nominating process later in the day.

Voters supporting either Sen. Bernie Sanders or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said important issues to decide on include war, the ability to compromise and honesty.

Here's what some of them had to say:

Preston Anderson works at the Veterans Affairs hospital in Seattle. Before taking that job, he was deployed to Iraq for 11 months as a sergeant in the Army.

He went to a Seattle high school to caucus for Sanders. Clinton and other hawkish politicians rushed into the war in Iraq, Anderson said. Sanders wants fewer wars, and that appeals to Anderson.

"It's no light decision to send troops into harm's way, so it definitely has to be a more measured response."