Greeson: Court diversion aside, Ooltewah decision now on Kirk Kelly

Kirk Kelly
photo Jay Greeson

The nightmare assaults in the camping lodge outside of Gatlinburg, Tenn., a few days before Christmas have been dogging the Hamilton County school system ever since.

The ripples reached a tsunami level, serving as the wave that overtook the top leadership of the school district.

There was a litany of issues, of course - facilities in disrepair, awful test scores, you name it - but the emotional charge for leadership change was fueled by our outrage about the sexual assaults involving four underage Ooltewah High School basketball players on a team trip.

Those ripples landed three Ooltewah coaches - athletic director Jesse Nayadley, who was at the tournament and has a son on the team, head basketball coach Andre "Tank" Montgomery and volunteer assistant Karl Williams - in court on charges