Brainerd seniors show younger students the rewards of work

Brainerd Seniors wait on the bus prior to their entrance to Orchard Knob Elementary School. The 2016 graduating class of Brainerd High School walked through the halls of Orchard Knob Elementary in their caps and gowns, as a representation of the "vision" for where the elementary students will one day be.

You have every opportunity out there waiting for you.

Screams echoed down the hall of Orchard Knob Elementary School as students cheered for their role models, the graduating senior class of Brainerd High School.

The seniors, who will walk across the graduation stage today, ran down the halls of the elementary school in their bright red caps and gowns Friday, showing the younger students how hard work pays off.

"It's cool to come see the children's faces," said Jamey Mitchell, a graduating senior at Brainerd who attended Orchard Knob Elementary. "These kids want to be us."

Mitchell plans to attend Monterey Peninsula College in California to play football and study music and business.