Chattanooga Housing Authority plans new affordable housing at Cromwell

If the Chattanooga Housing Authority can get tax credits, its Cromwell Hills site could undergo major renovation.

Meeting schedule

Tuesday› 10 a.m., Cromwell Hills Community Center› Noon, College Hill Courts Community Room› 4:30 p.m., East Lake Courts Community CenterOct. 10› Noon, East Lake Courts Community Center› 2 p.m. College Hill Courts Community Center› 4 p.m. Cromwell Hills Community Center

If all goes as the Chattanooga Housing Authority plans, Cromwell Hills Apartments will get a $38 million renovation including more than 50 new housing units.

It will no longer be public housing, but affordable housing with tax-credit funding, and everyone who lives there must have a job and/or attend school for at least 30 hours a week.

"We don't have the capital funds to do the renovation, but it needs renovation for people to live there. This is one way of getting the money," said Naveed Minhas, CHA's vice president of development.