Beer sales may be coming soon to a Chattanooga movie theater near you

The Chattanooga City Council may give its approval today to beer sales at local movie theaters.

Beer sales may be coming soon to a movie theater near you, with the Chattanooga City Council potentially giving its approval when that panel meets today.

Regal Entertainment Group, which recently upgraded its movie theater near Hamilton Place mall, wants to put beer sales into the building, City Councilman Larry Grohn said.

photo Staff photo by Doug Strickland / Chattanooga City Councilman Larry Grohn listens to a presentation on the city's wastewater infrastructure during an afternoon agenda session at the City Council building on March 29, 2016, in Chattanooga.

photo Chip Henderson

"As there's Netflix and people are not going to theaters, they wanted... to serve alcoholic beverages," he said about the Knoxville-headquartered theater chain that's one of the nation's largest operators.