The Chamblis, Bahner & Stophel way: Recruiting, retaining talent key to 131-year-old law firm's success

Law careers by the numbers

* Median annual pay for attorneys in the United States: $115,820* Median annual pay for attorneys in Tennessee: $105,900* Median hourly wage for attorneys in Tennessee: $50.91* Number of jobs nationally: 778,700* Number of jobs in Tennessee: 7,990* Predicted total growth for jobs nationally: 6 percent (through 2024)* Predicted total growth for jobs in Tennessee: 9 percent (through 2024)Source: U.S. Department of Labor Statistics

When attorney Justin Furrow was interning at the Chattanooga law firm Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel during law school summers, his father asked him a simple question: "How do you like it?"

Furrow's answer was unhesitating.

Not only would he accept a full-time job if offered, Furrow told his father, he would gladly spend his entire career at the firm and accept the gold watch at retirement.