Plan your perfect vacation for Christmas 2018

Her Majesty's guard snuffs a Christmas gaslight.

Looking for a new way to make holiday memories? Taking a family trip to somewhere other than Grandma's house promises exciting keepsake photos for next year's Christmas card, while also delivering on the trend of gifting experiences instead of things.

Since Christmastime is an extremely popular (and expensive) time to travel, now is the perfect time to start thinking about and even nailing down your plans for next year.

"Typically the busiest week for any travel is between Christmas and New Year's," says Katina Williams, owner of local travel agency Chasing Down Daydreams. She recommends booking six months to a year in advance and traveling the week before Christmas if possible.

To help kick off your holiday planning, we asked Williams to create sample itineraries for four popular holiday destinations: New York City, a Caribbean cruise, London and, her all-time destination of choice, Walt Disney World.