Greeson: Bike folks keep wanting more and more

A cyclist rides on Market Street during sub-freezing daytime weather downtown on Friday, Jan. 6, 2017, in Chattanooga, Tenn.
photo Jay Greeson

Hey, pedal that somewhere else.

According to Times Free Press outdoors reporter David Cobb, some big-time state bicycle bigwigs are trying to leverage the controversial gas tax legislation in their favor.

According to Cobb's story Friday: "BikeWalk Tennessee president Anthony Siracusa voiced support for Gov. Bill Haslam's proposed gas tax increase while speaking to a group of Chattanooga cyclists on Thursday night, specifically praising a portion of the proposal that would allow municipalities to hold referendums on local tax increases for transit projects in their communities."

This may surprise some of you, but there is a lot of merit to the gas tax the governor is proposing. There are major road projects that have to be addressed, and hand-wringing without hat-passing is as productive as asking Hillary what she thinks of the current administration.