CBL looks to redevelop Sears sites at Hamilton Place, Northgate

(AP Photo/The Canadian Press In this Oct, 29, 2013, file photo, the Sears store at Eaton Centre in Toronto opens its doors for business. Sears, in need of cash, sold seven locations to CBL & Associates Properties Inc.

CBL Acquisitions

CBL has bought seven Sears facilities and is leasing them back to the retailer as the Chattanooga mall operator mulls redevelopment of the sites:* Hamilton Place mall Sears store - Chattanooga* Northgate Mall auto center - Chattanooga* Cross Creek Mall Sears - Fayetteville, N.C.* Brookfield Square Sears - Brookfield, Wis.* Eastgate Mall Sears - Cincinnati* Jefferson Mall Sears - Louisville, Ky.* Volusia Mall auto center - Daytona, Fla.Source: CBL & Associates Properties Inc.

photo The Sears Auto Center at Northgate Mall is part of a $72.5 million acquisition by CBL & Associates Properties Inc.