Larry Case: Corresponding about gobbler madness

Who knew one bird could cause so much craziness? But each spring, the gobbler hunting season causes otherwise sane people to sacrifice sleep, family and other priorities in pursuit of the wild turkey, writes outdoors columnist Larry Case.

I have always figured Benjamin Franklin was a pretty smart cookie - I mean, what with discovering electricity and coming up with all of those profound quotes and all.

This time of year, many of us think about his "death and taxes" quote, telling us how these are the only things of which we can be certain. The only thing I ever questioned Ben about was the incident in which some historians think he may have proposed the wild turkey be our national bird and symbol and not the bald eagle.

While he may have had poor judgment on turkeys and eagles, there is no question he hit the mark on death and taxes, and how inevitable they both are. Tax time is almost here, but something else comes around about the same time every year.