Avian flu confirmed in guinea fowl from Scottsboro flea market

No risk to food supply, low risk to humans

From left, Dr. Robyn Haines; Head, Pathology Section; Kord Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory and Bonita Phillippie; Head, Serology Section; Kord Animal Health Diagnostic Laboratory work on the laboratory analysis of Avian Influenza samples. -


Avian influenza is caused by an influenza type A virus which can infect poultry like chickens, turkeys, pheasants, quail, domestic ducks, geese and guinea fowl, and is carried by free-flying waterfowl such as ducks, geese and shorebirds.Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture


• Isolate poultry from other animals• Wear clothing designated for use only at the poultry house• Minimize access to people and unsanitized equipment• Keep the area around the poultry buildings clean and uninviting to wild birds and animals• Sanitize the facility between flocks• Clean equipment entering and leaving the farm• Maintain an all-in, all-out policy regarding the placement and removal of the poultry• Properly dispose of bedding material and dead birds• Avoid contact with migratory waterfowlSource: Alabama State Veterinarian Dr. Tony Frazier