Cook: What Howard High teens can teach Hamilton County officials

Howard player #7 puts on his hat in the makeshift dugout before Howard's first home baseball game in years at Howard High School on Wednesday, March 15, 2017, in Chattanooga, Tenn. The community rallied to donate materials, and the team and volunteers worked to restore the field for the school's baseball program.
photo David Cook


Wednesday afternoon's baseball game at Howard School wasn't cold. Sure, it was barely 40 degrees, with a bitter wind, but please. That's nothing when, just four days earlier, you worked a 14-hour day, through two sleet storms and one snowfall, to make sure your baseball field was game-ready.

Cold was back in January, when the shovels and tillers and rakes froze to your hands and the ground was as hard as a Bob Feller fastball.

Wednesday's weather?

A can of corn.

"We weren't used to playing in the cold," said Cameron Thomas, "but we were used to working in it."