Lookout Mountain, Ga., weighs allowing backyard chickens

Lookout Mountain (Ga) resident Jimmy Campbell, 81, holds one of his Polish roosters inside the pen behind his home in Lookout Mountain, Ga.

LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN, Ga. - He dropped slices of butter onto a pair of pans, lit the stove and reached for two eggs.

To his left, Jimmy Campbell picked one out of a Styrofoam crate. Large eggs, Grade A, $1.26 at Food City at the bottom of the mountain. To his right, Campbell reached into a colander and ran his hand across eggs that were light orange and light pink and big and small and speckled and a little misshapen. They came from the chickens out back.

He cracked both eggs open.

"There is a difference in color, isn't there?" he said, pointing to their yolks.

His chickens had produced an egg with a fine yolk, he said. Dark yellow, almost orange. This was the yolk of a fresh egg, laid in the last week.