Silverdale adjusts medical policies as complaints continue

A portion of the main exercise yard and a detention ward are seen Tuesday, June 30, 2015, at Silverdale Correctional Facility in Chattanooga, Tenn.

Amid three months of scrutiny from a local judge, Silverdale Detention Facilities is reworking its policies to ensure inmates get their prescribed medications more quickly.

Judge Tom Greenholtz continues to hear allegations that private medical providers, in some cases, take several weeks to verify new inmates' necessary prescriptions.

But Silverdale officials say they're correcting the problem.

"So you could have an inmate who is waiting on needed medication for as long as a week?" Greenholtz asked one official during a hearing on Oct. 31.

"Yes, sir," Veronica Winters said.

"Are those procedures under reconsideration to ensure that inmates have access to their needed medication more quickly?" Greenholtz asked.

"Yes, sir," Winters said. "We're working on a new operating procedure and making sure everything is done within 48 hours."

Greenholtz began digging into poor medical management allegations in August after a local inmate wrote that Silverdale wasn't treating his bone cancer or broken shoulder.