Citizen input sought on Chattanooga budget

Chattanooga residents who want to help shape how their taxpayer dollars are spent can have hands-on input starting Monday.

Mayor Andy Berke is inviting people to join in the earliest planning for the 2018-19 city budget that will take effect July 1, 2018.

It's part of Berke's Budgeting for Outcomes process, which aims to learn more about how Chattanoogans want their city to work and then focusing spending in those areas.

"The main part is, we want to hear from people about their priorities," Berke said in an interview Thursday. "Budgeting for Outcomes is all about making sure we're getting the outcome that we want, but it's also about communication among many different constituencies to make sure we're using taxpayer funds in the area people are most excited about."

The citizens' input will be part of the process as Berke and his staff develop the coming year budget, he said.