Latest TNReady test foul-up angers Tennessee legislators

House Democrats demand three-year moratorium on using results to gauge students, teachers and school performance

Education Commissioner Candice McQueen has taken heat over the glitches found in some statewide standardized test results.

NASHVILLE - In the wake of Tennessee's latest foul-up on its TNReady tests, Tennessee House Democrats on Thursday called on Education Commissioner Candice McQueen to impose a three-year moratorium before using the exams' results to gauge students, teachers and school performance.

"I stand here today, two years later, to say TNReady is not ready," said Rep. Antonio Parkinson, D-Memphis, during a news conference with other House Democratic leaders.

Education Department officials said last week they believe nearly 10,000 assessment tests across Tennessee were scored incorrectly by the state's vendor.

It was a fraction of the estimated 600,000 high school end-of-course tests. About 9,400 were scored incorrectly.

Three Hamilton County schools and three Bradley County schools were among those affected.

Late Thursday afternoon, McQueen spokeswoman Sara Gast said in a statement that all TNReady results have been fixed, noting they "have been finalized for the 0.1