Alabama coach Nick Saban says he's 'probably not' worth $11 million

Alabama's Nick Saban speaks to an official during the Crimson Tide's season-opening win against Florida State this past Saturday night. On Wednesday, Saban said coaching has never been about the money for him.

Alabama football coach Nick Saban is making $11.15 million this season as a result of the raise and contract extension that was approved by the university's board of trustees in May.

After the Crimson Tide's two-hour practice in full pads Wednesday afternoon, Saban was asked in a news conference if he was worth it.

"Probably not, but I don't really do this for money, and I never really have," he said. "I started out in this profession making $8,000 a year, and that was after two years as a graduate assistant making nothing. I was going to graduate school and loading trucks at night, and my wife worked in the registrar's office, and we were happy when my dad brought us a case of peas so we could have a side dish.