Camp Jordan hosting drug addiction recovery event

Fans gather for Jfest at Camp Jordan Park on Saturday, May 20, 2017, in East Ridge. Though Camp Jordan has received much of the Parks and Recreation Department's attention in the past, officials are looking for ways to improve recreation offerings for the rest of the town.

This weekend, the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department, the Regional Health Council and Pirate Springs, a local nonprofit group, will host a recovery event in East Ridge aimed celebrating those in recovery while offering support and services to those still struggling with addiction. The event will be from 4-9 p.m. Saturday at Camp Jordan and is free to the public.

People with experience in recovery and treatment will be available to talk to anyone wanting more information about how to get help, according to a news release from the Chattanooga-Hamilton County Health Department.

"The event also seeks to break down the stigma that addiction is a hopeless condition by bringing together people in long term recovery," the release states.

Drug addiction facts for Hamilton County:

* In 2015, there were 59 overdose deaths

* In 2015, there were 361 nonfatal overdoses resulting in inpatient hospitalization

* In 2016, there were 388,506 painkiller prescriptions; that's a little over one prescription for every man, woman, and child in Hamilton County

* While the local numbers for 2016 for Hamilton County have not yet been compiled, the state as a whole saw a 12 percent increase in overdose deaths

"The hardest part of getting help is admitting you have a substance abuse problem," said Dr. Tom Miller a pain management specialist with the Regional Health Council. "Addiction is usually signaled by using drugs even when you don't want to, isolation, and obsession with getting, using, or running out of drugs or other substances."

The event will feature recovery comedian Bob Perkell and a concert by Matt Butler and Mountain Creek House Fire. Food trucks also will be on hand.