Kennedy: Love beer? Hop on the bus

After first coming to Chattanooga in 1993, brewing has expanded to many locations across the city, including Big River, Terminal Brewhouse, Chattanooga Brewing Co., Moccasin Bend Brewing Co. and McHale's Brewhouse.

Two Chattanooga couples say it's about time the city has its own beer bus.

In other words: Let the good times roll!

The founding partners of ChattaBrew Tour - Mike and Angela Ballard and Travis and Stacy Miller - say they have invested time and money launching a beer bus that will bring Chattanooga up to speed with other craft beer meccas in the mid-South.

photo Mark Kennedy

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"It's a chance to take something we enjoy and share it," says Angela Ballard, one of the owners. "... It's time to show off Chattanooga."

Her husband, Mike Ballard, says visiting neighborhood pubs is a tradition around the world and ChattaBrew Tour is a way for tourists and locals alike to experience the city at a more personal level than they otherwise might.