First Things First: A widowed mother's thoughts on grief

Julie Baumgardner

Dan Summerlin loved sports and had started a softball team at his church, First Christian Church. While he was playing on the FCC team, his arm broke while he was throwing the ball from shortstop to home. Little did Dan and his wife, Scottie, know that his arm breaking would lead to the discovery that Dan had cancer.

From his diagnosis in May of 2016 until the day he left this Earth on July 30, 2017, Dan Summerlin lived life largely. In spite of treatments and all that goes along with that, Dan did like he always had done: He lived. And when he was no longer with us, we grieved.

On the one-year anniversary of Dan's death, Scottie shared some thoughts that are worth passing on about grief and what she has learned in the past 365 days.