Yoga instructors list the benefits of yoga

Debbie Pickett, 70, proudly says she is the oldest participant in a yoga class at White Oak Baptist Church. Instructors say yoga can help with many symptoms of aging, such as balance.

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual discipline that includes breath control, meditation and specific body postures, according to It is practiced for mental and physical health and relaxation. Local yoga instructors give five reasons to try it.

1. Cultivates calm. "It definitely reduces anxiety and stress," says Erika Hughes, a certified yoga instructor at Toes Yoga.

"It gives you mindfulness of your body. It helps you to remain calm and relieves tension throughout the body and gives an overall sense of well-being."

2. Strengthens and stretches. "You can gain strength and flexibility in a safe and gentle way to your body," says Della Wheeler, yoga instructor at Yoga Landing.

"Reduce stress, increase flexibility and increase strength. You can do all of that in a low- to no-impact way," says Jennifer Dixon, owner of Thrive Yoga and Wellness