WGOW ends relationship with radio host Jeff Styles after internal investigation

Radio talk show host Jeff Styles speaks to mental health fair attendees Thursday at the Chattanooga Community Kitchen.

Local radio station WGOW has severed ties with Jeff Styles amid an ongoing road rage case involving the show host.

The station made the announcement Monday, saying the decision was reached after an internal investigation.

"There is nothing more we can say about it because we do not know the specific considerations and scope of the internal investigation nor the specific findings of the internal investigation," the statement reads.

Styles, 57, is charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after an incident on June 15, during which police say he approached the vehicle of Nickolas Bullington, 35, and struck the front windshield with a tomahawk-style weapon on Highway 153. Bullington shot Styles in the arm then left the scene to get to safe place and called 911, police say.

Both men dispute how the road rage incident began; both assert they were acting out of self-defense.

After the incident, the radio station put Styles on leave as it conducted its own investigation.

Earlier this month, a judge found probable cause for Styles' charges and sent them to a grand jury.

Styles later launched a website to defend himself.