Side Orders: Bacon, beer add savory goodness to greens

Turnip greens are one of those vegetables that, in my opinion, requires a more sophisticated palate than that found in a child. To discover all the subtle nuances of flavors that go into a good batch of greens, you'll want some add-ins. Bacon, onions and vinegar can change the flavor from bitter greens to amazing Southern side dish.

It wasn't until I was well into adulthood that I began to like greens. I had always liked spinach, but spinach tastes totally different from turnip greens, kale greens and dandelion greens. My parents loved them, but whenever my mother made them, I would leave the house. I didn't even like the smell of greens cooking on the stove.

All that changed somewhere in my 30s, and I am so glad it did because greens are so incredibly healthful.