One whiskey and one beer

Tim Piersant, owner and co-founder of Tennessee Stillhouse, sits with a bottle of Native whiskey at the company's new distillery on Riverfront Parkway. Bottles are for sale at the micro-distillery on Market Street and in some local liquor stores.

As Tim Piersant puts it, you can't make great whiskey without first making great beer. It was from this mindset that the 1816 Native series from Chattanooga Whiskey Company was born.

Piersant, owner and co-founder of Tennessee Stillhouse, calls the beer-barrel-finished whiskeys one of the "coolest" community collaborations the company has done since opening its doors in 2011. The series is the perfect example of how the whiskey and beer community in Chattanooga is more collaborative than competitive, he says, and it illustrates how his company likes to challenge the status quo.

"One of our internal philosophies is rules are good so change them," says Piersant. "We don't want to throw away tradition for the sake of being different, but we want to expand upon it and push the envelope. Native was bred from that philosophy."